Myo-Bar IASTM Tools : Origin & Evolution

Looking for more information on Myo-Bar IASTM Tools? Here at KiHealthConcepts we love introducing our practitioners to great IASTM instrument brands. What better way to learn about Myo-Bar than from its creator? We hope you enjoy! Myo-Bar IASTM Tools : Origin & Evolution           by Matthew Hajzel   Like many things, […]

IASTM Instruments: Choosing What’s Right For You.

Looking to buy IASTM Instruments? Not sure what to get? Don’t worry, check out our 5 Rules to help in your decision making. 5 Rules To Ensuring You Choose The Right IASTM Instruments For You! Choosing the right IASTM instruments or set can be a tricky process. The recent growth in IASTM has led to […]