Instrument Specific Release Seminar

Instrument Specific Release Seminar

An advanced IASTM seminar giving you a complete online educational experience.

Seminar Overview

Looking for an advanced IASTM seminar with a wealth of important information? Want to learn an important treatment modality but can’t attend a high quality seminar? Need to learn at your own pace without taking time off work? Then the Instrument Specific Release seminar is perfect for you.

With over 300 films made up of animated lessons and high definition technique videos, a wealth of text and graphics, as well as a certification exam at the end, this seminars has been created to give you a complete online educational experience.


The 26 animated lessons in part one of the Instrument Specific Release seminar cover all the information we believe is fundamental to any IASTM practitioner. These include the history and evolution of IASTM, how to pick your relevant treatment goals and relevant soft tissue dysfunction theories that apply to IASTM. There are also lessons covering advanced information on the science that goes into the 6 different IASTM application concepts.

At KiHealthConcepts, we DO NOT believe there is one IASTM tool or technique that is perfect for everyone. We DO believe there is the most efficient and effective combination for every practitioner. It is based on the clients they see and the results they want to achieve.

Unlike other companies that create their seminars purely to sell you their instruments, we do not promote any one brand of tools. Instead we provide in-depth information through a series of 7 animated lessons to help you choose the right IASTM tools to fit in with your individual clinical needs.


Over a series of 10 animated lessons part two of the Instrument Specific Release seminar covers all the clinical information a practitioner needs to integrate IASTM into their current practice. These lessons include topics on:

  • Health & Safety
  • Patient Education & Scheduling
  • Technique Selection & Treatment Tolerance
  • as well as Reassessment and Home Care Plans.

The Instrument Specific Release seminar contains 150 films of treatments on 40 anatomical structures and edited differently into two separate libraries.

The first library contains videos collated into 6 treatment techniques for an intense learning experience. It also introduces our KiStep protocol. This step by step process gives you a memorable guide to the important points of successful application of each of technique.

The second library starts with our KiConcept. A process unique to KiHealthConcepts that helps you identify, treat and reassess dysfunctional soft tissue structures. The 150 treatment videos are edited into a longer format, giving the viewer an excellent reference to each of the techniques used to treat the 40 anatomical structures.

Pass the Instrument Specific Release certification test and join our list of IASTM practitioners worldwide. Some of the benefits include:

  • Enjoy complimentary practitioner and clinic listings on our practitioner location search facility used by hundred of patients each month.
  • Unique marketing materials that we’ve created for our practitioners.
  • Access to extra content each time we upgrade lessons in the Instrument Specific Release seminar.

The Instrument Specific Release Seminar

Arriving November 2018

Price = $500 USD